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With MavenFlip platform we seek to offer a qualified
proposal to companies who want to create
digital versions of their print publications.
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Sucess Stories

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Município Dia a Dia

The Município Mais increased by 275% in the number of page views

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Zero Hora

ZH Digital has inputs such as videos, photo galleries and exclusive content assinates.

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TRT9 - Revista Eletrônica

TRT-PR Electronic Journal reached the milestone of 1 million hits.

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Campo Largo/PR

The city publishes regulatory and administrative acts in digital format.

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Gazeta do Povo

The results show more than 720,000 weekly readers of Gazeta do Povo newspaper.

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Manual da Mamãe

Magazine with free content for pregnant women and mothers, in print and digital formats.

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Editora Leader

Partners and customers work marketing also in digital format.

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Revista PUCRS

Over 37 years of circulation, with content available also on the web.

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Grupo Sinos

Grupo Editorial Sinos publishes its Newspapers and Magazines with MavenFlip since 2012.

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Key Features


Integrate videos, photo gallery, audio, graphics, links to other materials and articles, polls, promotions and many other ways to further strengthen the bond with your readers, customers and advertisers.

Pages and HTML5 ads

Do not be limited to fixed pages of its edition in PDF. Explore the possibilities of HTML5 pages with animations, games, videos and many other features for an even more relevant content.

Download and print

You allow the reader to print and download PDF of parties or any issue, so it can read the publication anytime, anywhere.

Search field

Ensure that all matters of interest are always available to the player with a search field for content in the current issue or the acquis.

Other Features



All features MavenFlip were thought to be used according to need and customer profile. That is, you have autonomy to take advantage of all the possibilities of the digital landscape.


You are free to customize the display area according to and look of your business identity. Change the background, select new icons and change the colors, everything you prefer.

Constant updating

We have a team of developers open to innovation and to the opinion of our customers. And for that we seek to follow the trends of technology, adapting and upgrading our tools to the needs of publishers and the expectations of readers.


We provide an open channel to receive your questions, suggestions for improvement and new features, complaints and requests for help. Our analysts are always ready at the time you need.

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